Cisco Software-Defined Access (SD-Access) is built on the principles of the Cisco Digital Network Architecture (Cisco DNA) and provides a transformational shift in building and managing networks: faster, easier and with improved business efficiency.

By decoupling network functions from hardware, Cisco SD-Access helps ensure policy consistency, enabling faster launches of new business services and significantly improving issue resolution times while being open and extensible and reducing operational expenses.

60 Hours (Alternate Days)

Who should enroll

  • Enterprise network system installers
  • System integrators
  • System administrators
  • Network administrators
  • Solutions designers


Before taking this course, you should have the following knowledge and skills:

    • Strong understanding of enterprise Networks
    • Strong understanding of routing protocol operation, interior and exterior
    • Familiarity with Transport Layer Security (TLS) and IP Security (IPsec)

Course Overview


  • Traditional Networks
  • SDN, SDA, SDWAN & ACI role
  • DCN Technologies

Cisco SDA

Introducing Software-Defined Access (SD-Access)

  • Introducing Software-Defined Access (SD-Access)
  • Fabric Fundamentals
  • Introducing the Software-Defined Fabric
  • Explaining LISP
  • LISP Deep Dive
  • ISIS in Fabric
  • Layer 2 Routing with ISIS
  • Underlay & Overlay
  • Fabric Border Operations
  • Software-Defined Access Platform Support

Software-Defined Access Wireless

  • Introducing Software-Defined Access Wireless
  • SD-Access Wireless Operations
  • SD-Access Wireless Guest Design
  • Deploying Software-Defined Access Wireless
  • Software-Defined Access Wireless High Availability

Introducing Cisco DNA™ Center and Intent Based Networking

  • Current Business and IT Challenges
  • Cisco DNA™ Center Overview
  • Cisco DNA™ Center Automation
  • Cisco DNA™ Center Assurance

Installing Cisco DNA™ Center

  • Reviewing Appliance Features
  • Planning the Deployment
  • Cisco DNA™ Center Appliance Installation

Securing SD-Access

  • Security Challenges and Innovations
  • Encrypted Traffic Analytics

Introducing Catalyst 9000 Switches

  • Platform Overview
  • Cisco Catalyst 9000 New Features
  • Introducing the 9300 Series of Switches
  • Introducing the 9400 Series of Switches
  • Introducing the 9500 Series of Switches

Software-Defined Integrations

  • ACI Integration
  • SDWAN Integration

Demo Lab: Verifying an SDA Network –

Course Addons

Data Center Technologies

    • Traditional Network Architecture
    • Data Center Switching
    • VXLAN

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